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State Department announced a ban on Americans traveling to North Korea following the death earlier this year of an American student who had been detained by the state while on a tour. It advised U.S. citizens living there to leave. Since then, tensions on the Korean peninsula have escalated significantly. Nuclear-armed North Korea has undertaken a number of provocative missile tests, including two intercontinental ballistic missile launches and one medium-range missile test this week that flew over Japan. Of the roughly 130 foreigners at PUST including faculty members, staffers and family members, about 60 were U.S. citizens, one of the sources said, asking not to be named due to the sensitivity of the situation. None had received special permission to stay and all have now left Pyongyang. “The teaching activities and the unique ‘international English-based’ character of the school are severely impacted by the U.S. travel ban and the decision of some other personnel not to return,” the source said.

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