A Spotlight On No-nonsense Shopping Sites Plans

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I've discovered the secret to worry-free online clothes shopping

She buys clothing for herself and her two kids online, like an increasing number of humans, only when she does it she orders three sizes of everything. She buys the size she thinks she needs and one size larger and one smaller. She might even toss in a variety of colors for those sizes thereby increasing her order size exponentially. Then, after receiving a truckload of boxes (I’ve seen her get as many as 20!), she'll return most of them containing all the items she doesn't like or don't fit. This seemed outrageous to me when I first heard about it. But that was before I learned her secret and realized her approach could be tempered so that it wasn’t so wasteful. My friend shops at a site that offers free returns; something most online retailers now offer so long as you bring the boxes to a drop-off point yourself. But many online shops including Zalando, her shop of choice here in The Netherlands, will now pick up her superfluous deliveries at her house, for free, and within a one-hour scheduled window. And she has up to 100 days to do it. Shopping for clothes has always felt too risky I, like many of you I'd wager, buy most of my household and personal gear online — anything but clothing. Shopping for clothes has always felt too risky due to concerns about fit, textures, or the maker's ability to render the true color of the apparel on my screen.

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It determined from questioning 1,000 people that, on average, women have 109 items of clothing and men 77, and nearly one-fifth of the items are seldom or never worn. We’ve got to resist those ‘buy, buy’ offers of two for one and discounts for spending a little more Research reveals that someone living in a climate like ours realistically needs, depending on gender, between 30 and 40 items of clothing. My wardrobe fits that sparse ideal: eight work and five casual shirts; two pairs of work trousers, a casual pair and two pairs of jeans; four jackets; five T-shirts and three pairs of shorts; a pair of shoes for work, one for casual wear and two for the gym, for a total of 34. Not being able to see, this is more than enough clothing to handle and take care of. Are Hongkongers really spending HK$25 billion a year on clothes? I’ve peeked into the closets of family and friends over the years and found myself the exception rather than the rule. Last year, during a regular home visit, I had a heated conversation with my mother about her clothing; there was so much that all spare space in her three-bedroom house was taken up with it. Frustrated that, for each visit, I was literally living out of a suitcase, I did a stocktake and counted up 163 items. Heartlessly, I confronted the hoarder and convinced her that someone in their 80s should be passing on clothes they no longer wear to the poor. The collection was pared down to 60; at times there were tears, at others shock when a pile formed of items that had been bought and never worn and no longer fitted, but in the end, there were smiles with the realisation that others would benefit. A local drama company was especially happy with my late sister’s dresses, of 1970s vintage and perfect for upcoming performances.

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